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I have always loved music. My grandma taught me a long time ago that it’s something that builds, keeps, and restores the soul.  It’s a life force all of its own.  If you search my iTunes library you’ll find so many different types of music in it.  It’s the very definition of the word eclectic.  It might be a Saturday morning, where I’m driving with my shades on and the windows down.  I would no doubt then be listening to Billy Joel. It might be later that night, and suddenly I’m looking for somewhere to spend the evening; so I crank up the AC/DC.  And everyone should always be in the mood for ol’ blue eyes.  Frank Sinatra always fits the mood, no matter when and where you happen to be.  Since August of last year, I’ve actually added a musical genre to my category of liking.  Now I’ve enjoyed artists such as Armin Van Buuren in my past likings; stemming from my brush with the great Deadly Avenger (and by brush I mean inspired by his music).  But if you had asked me what I thought of E.D.M. I would’ve shrugged my shoulders.  That was then, this is post August 2016 and E.D.M. is now a genre that has all but, taken over most of my music listen time throughout the day.  It encapsulates my soul, releases me from worry, and at times brings me to utter peace within myself.  One thing I have begun to do is research new forms of E.D.M. or D.J.s I haven’t heard from on Twitter, or as some call it…the Twitta!  One of those D.J.s I found almost right away is called Trekter.  We began chatting and I dove a bit deeper into what was and made the Trekter!


Noah – Where did you come up with the D.J. name Trekter?  What’s your real name?
Trekter – I honestly don’t know where I came up with the name.  I wanted it to be totally random and meaningless. My real name is Jesse Lerner.


Noah – How far back does your dream of becoming an electronic music D.J./Producer go?
Trekter – As long as I can remember but, I started producing music in 2009.  I remember my mom bought me a keyboard when I was really young and I started teaching myself how to play it.  I also played guitar when I was a kid as well.


Noah – Has your style evolved, or has it always sounded about the same?  What “niche” of E.D.M. would you center your music around?
Trekter – I actually started out producing instrumental Hip-Hop, kind of like a Flying Lotus style.  I progressed to other genres such as House. Now I produce mostly Dubstep, however I’m always open to any genre.


Noah – Have you played in a lot of different locals around the globe?  If so, which is your favorite spot (location and venue)?  If not, where do you hope to play at one day?
Trekter – I haven’t played around the globe, but I’ve done a few venues locally in the past.  I would love do Ultra Japan, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan.  I really love the culture and how diverse the music is.


Noah – Did you have a mentor or D.J. you looked up to at the beginning of your career in music?
Trekter – I have so many I could write a book.  I Love Flying Lotus, he really is incredibly talented and I have so much respect for what he’s done with music.


Noah D – When you perform in front of a crowd whether it’s at a stadium, club, or festival is there any certain goal you have other than playing the music you produced to the best of your ability?
Trekter – The main goal is to get everyone hyped and bring everyone together.  Even if it’s just a small party or an event in someones backyard it’s really all just about having fun.


Noah – What is your motivation when you produce a new song?  Furthering that…would you rather create a song full of original vocals, effects, etc., or do you find it more gratifying remixing older material from yourself or others?
Trekter – It really depends on what mood I’m in!  I love making new material with a unique sound, although recently I have been doing a lot of remixes. I have a lot of original material that I’m working on now, but I want to make sure it’s perfect.  Sometimes I make a song and it will be done in a few days and it comes out great, but that extra effort makes all the difference.


Noah – Give me one of your favorite songs that you’ve produced, and tell me what connection it has to you personally?
Trekter – “Living In A Dream”.. I made that track about a year ago now.  Life is full of ups and downs and it changes all the time.  The track is very melodic in general but I also incorporated a lot of Dubstep elements.


Noah – Where were you born and do you enjoy playing in your home town more than in other places?
Trekter – Well currently I live in Brooklyn, New York.  I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I’ve never done any shows in New Orleans I think it would be awesome to do a show over there.


Noah – Can you tell me what is next up for Trekter?  Is there anything bigger and better that you have not yet achieved?
Trekter – There’s always much more to achieve in life.  What’s coming next?  I guess you’ll have to wait and find out.


Noah – Share with me your favorite part about being a D.J./producer.  What is it, and more importantly where does that favorite thing take you?
Trekter – My favorite thing has to be the feedback that I get from my fans.  If it wasn’t for the people who listen to my music I wouldn’t be where I am today.  The feedback that I get inspires me to do amazing things.



Where you can find Trekter : Website| SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram



Originally born in L.A., Noah has been a resident of sunny San Diego since 1986. He has a love for writing that stems back to grade school. He attended Grossmont College, and received a degree of Associated Sciences for Media Communications. Noah penned a SPEC. movie script, and he has worked in the San Diego media (radio) for the last 18 years. He’s produced and hosted various radio programs; and since the format is talk radio, he says he “just likes to get it right.” With a flair for the satiric he’s even begun his own political satire podcast called “The Reagan Roundtable”. He’s a single father, lover of Dodgers baseball, E.D.M., fashion/lifestyle magazines, movies, music in general, running, and professional wrestling. And yes I said movies. If it is on the big screen, has action, is based off of a comic, or is just a gut churning horror flick you’ll see Noah at the box office.

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