Episode 100: Come Get This Truth feat. Shaad G


It’s a milestone episode for us.  Don’t get it twisted, our journey is far from over.  There was a lot of thought that was put into this episode; so y’all better enjoy it dammit! We had our 11th member of the Wu-Tang  (Shaad G of Fly On The Wall Show) joined us for a good portion of the show.

Here’s the breakdown:

Nothing Is Safe – Marco brings up a topic that usually gets swept under the rug by the mainstream media.  Let’s just say a certain movie gained inspiration from it.

Nessa Service Announcement – Is knowing your partner’s “body count” important?  If so, is it a deal breaker?

Rapid Fire Topics – This is a new segment that is implemented to go through an array of topics within a certain amount of time.

Kmart’s Awkward Corner – Yes folks! It’s back in all of it’s glory.  You’ll have to tune in to know what he has in store for the crew and the listeners.

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