Episode 107: Thanos Wants All The Smoke (feat. Demetrius Greene)

We took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to have an open form discussion.  Nessa couldn’t make it because she’s out in Cabo with her friends, so no NSA this week.  However, this is a SPOILER episode.  So if you haven’t watched Avengers Infinity War yet, then we highly suggest for you to come back here after you watched it.

We had the pleasure to have actor/writer/filmmaker Demetrius Greene to geek out with us.  Not just to only discuss the movie, but also discuss other cinematic universes as well. We all share what we liked and disliked in the movie along with drawing comparisons from other media.

Like our motto says, Nothing Is Safe, so you guys know we’re gonna to spoil the living shit out of this movie.  So like Tony told Steve in Civil War, Stand down, final warning”.  But if you don’t mind spoilers, then you’re more like Steve’s reply, “I can do this all day”. Tune in and enjoy!

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