Episode 11: Grey Sweatpants


In this episode the crew is back together to do some catching up.  We all know Nessa had her tour stop in H-Town; and we couldn’t wait to share her story.  Besides that, the crew wanted to discuss a particular clothing item that drives women insane (in a good way).  Tune in and listen to the reason why women go ape shit when they see a man in grey sweatpants.  Don’t worry, we also touched on various topics such as, being the better person, and does social status mean a lot to women (from Nessa’s perspective).  We also talk about  bullying, misogyny in the geek community, and played a little truth or truth.  Tune in and enjoy!  Send us your questions to jigisuppodcast@gmail.com or hashtag us with #gigwiththegig,  Also make sure you subscribe and rate us on iTunes; follow us on SoundCloud, make sure you hit that like and repost button; we’re also available on Stitcher Radio, and make sure you leave us a rating and a review on there as well.

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Kmart (@kmart619)IG

Sound Engineer:

Shaady G (@shaadg_scmusik)IG



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