Episode 117: A Healthy Conversation


In this week’s episode, Marco will be hiking trails and eating a bunch of vegan food in Portland by the time you’ll hear this.  We kick off the episode sharing our excitement for geek week better known as San Diego Comic Con. In the Nothing Is Safe segment Marco talks about an article that was on the New York Post regarding loneliness killing you faster than obesity.  The segment spiraled into basically a healthy conversation about weight loss.

After that, Nessa’s NSA is about The 50 Best Bonding Activities for Married CouplesWe’re pretty sure that it can apply to relationships, situationships, and anything else in between.

Our Rapid Fire Topics:

  • Charlamagne alleged sexual assault case.
  • LeSean McCoy alleged domestic battery case.
  • How scary Google Duplex is.
  • Should Shiggy send Drake an invoice?
  • Papa Johns pizza is canceled


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