Episode 12: A Place for Friends


In this episode, we decided to take it back when that 56K struggle is real.  The crew shares their views of various social media sites from BlackPlanet to MySpace, and all the way to Snapchat.  We even got a little bit more in depth on why men cheat.  Also, let us know if we should keep our “Hotseat” (truth or truth) segment as a staple on the show.  Send us your questions to jigisuppodcast@gmail.com or hashtag us with #gigwiththegig,  Also make sure you subscribe and rate us on iTunes; follow us on SoundCloud, make sure you hit that like and repost button; we’re also available on Stitcher Radio, and make sure you leave us a rating and a review on there as well.  Lets not forget Google Play Music.  Now tune in!

The crew:

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M-Eezi (@m_eezi)Twitter/IG

Awww Zac (@Zmontgomery619)Twitter

Ms Nessa (@blasian_mami1)IG

Kmart (@kmart619)IG

Sound Engineer:

Shaady G (@shaadg_scmusik)IG



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