Episode 127: Ghost-Like feat. Dauché


Another season of HBO’s hit show Insecure has passed, and for us, that means another recap.  Season 3 has come and went, and there was a lot that happened. We had friend of the show Dauche to add more commentary.






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One Comment

  1. I’m having a hard time with the STD talk that went down. Nessa makes zero sense except in the sense that both men and women can carry and distribute it. However last we knew Lawrence was having sex with Issa and Tasha, so unless one of them has/had it he had to get it from one of the other girls he was “swacking” (S/O my dude M_Eezi). After he contracted it though, then yes he was possibly transferring it to the other partners. But in her example of “Girl A, B, & C” then he just got it doesn’t work. Girl A, B, or C had to of had it for him to get and give to others.

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