Episode 128: A Labor of Love feat. Ronald Preston Clark

We had the pleasure of engaging in a deep conversation with educator, poet, and now self-published author Ronald Preston Clark. He gave us insight on the process of finishing his book Vinnie: a love letter, his love for the black community, the importance of local politics, and his love for basketball.

His book is now available and we urge you to go to his website to make a purchase.  Here’s the synopsis:


This story reconfigures what manhood truly entails through the creative and critical mind of 14-year-old, Vinnie Smith. Through poetic, lyrical and unapologetic prose, Vinnie and his inner thoughts crush the stereotype that femininity and masculinity cannot co-exist while translating his desire to both love and be loved. A black boy dealing with the loss of his mother and his emotionally distant father, Vinnie attempts to cope with this void by continuously critiquing the constructs of masculinity and embracing divine femininity as a strength rather than a weakness. Vinnie shows us that beautiful revelations can come from loss and teaches us that it is never too late to come of age.


Ronald Preston Clark: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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