Episode 129: Real Friends II feat. StillJanky (f.k.a. Tha Jankiest) & Zeyy


We’ve been on a roll with guests for the past couple of weeks.  I guess you can say that we’re keeping the party going.  This week we had a longtime friend of the show StillJanky (formerly known as Tha Jankiest) to stop by talk about the new direction he’s taking @AsWeProceedSD

The ever so popular NSA is back in full swing with another guest AFL RB Isaiah “Zeyy” Sombright (@_RoyalKing20).  Nessa wanted to know if riding the D is a big deal or a dealbreaker.

This episode is full of one-liners, spicy commentary, hot takes, and many more.  Let’s not spoil the show on the show notes, and just listen to pure entertainment!

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