Episode 155: Wholesome Strokes

In this Episode we talk about Avengers Endgame, Game Of Thrones, Mortal Kombat 11, The NBA Playoffs as well as The NFL Draft, We show love to the late and great John Singleton and Nessa ends it off with her NSA regarding if men like women approaching them or Shooting their Shot first and Why it is good/ or bad for the dating culture. Enjoy the show!

The breakdown:

Nothing Is Safe (1:42)

  • Bun B’s Home Invasion (2:00)
  • Marco’s Story (4:30)
  • Mayonnaise Media Spins (14:00)
  • Endgame spoilers get stitches (16:32)

Endgame spoiler review (22:26)

Game of Thrones: The Long Night review (54:32)

NSA: Women Shooting Their Shots (1:13:57)

  • Nessa’s respective responses from men and women (1:15:15)
  • Why men enjoy it when a woman approaches (1:22:00)
  • Has Nessa actually shoot her shot? (1:43:00)
  • Marco’s hot take (1:55:25)
  • Wholesome Strokes (2:00:45)
  • Called in someone who dated Nessa (2:11:00)

Shout outs & Parting words (2:35:43)

  • M-Eezi’s shout out (2:35:49)
  • Nessa’s shout out (2:41:25)
  • K-Mart’s shout out (2:43:48)
  • Marco’s shout out (2:45:33)

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