Episode 16: Reign Supreme feat. DJ Kali



The crew is back at it again with another guest.  This time with the renaissance man DJ Kali.  He came through to converse with us about his views, life experiences, and other things that came up.  Unfortunately, it was another week without Zac, but rest assure he’s just taking care of his family.  Anyways, tune in and enjoy this show!

The Crew:

Marco (@yoitsmarco)IG

M-Eezi (@m_eezi)IG/Twitter

Ms. Nessa (@blasian_mami1)IG

Kmart (@kmart619)IG

Special Guest:

DJ Kali (@djkali619)IG/Twitter

Also peep out his other IG accounts @photosby_kali & @wereignsupreme

Sound Engineer:

Shaady G (@shaadg_scmusik)IG


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