Episode 21: Carlito’s Way feat. Big Los


This is our 21st episode and it felt like we were celebrating being 21 all over again.  Ironically, that is the same age (in California) where you can begin to experience the nightlife.  So we had San Diego’s OG prominent promoter Big Los to stop by to chat with us from nightlife, entrepreneurship, fatherhood, and his fitness journey.  We also did a recap of our LA adventure with a couple of friends.  Now tune in and enjoy the show!

The Crew:

Marco – (@yoitsmarco)IG | (marco_v)Twitter | (@marcothegent)SC

M-Eezi – (@m_eezi)IG/Twitter |(@m_p86)SC

Ms. Nessa – (@blasian_mami1)IG/SC | (@blasian_mami) Twitter

K-mart – (@itskenlenyall)Twitter/SC | (@kmart619)IG

Sound Engineer:

Shaady G – (@ShaadG)Twitter | (@shaadg_scmusik)IG


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