Episode 43: Best of 2016

Welcome back to the place where nothing is safe!  The crew is call here, yes, even Zac made an appearance.  We all got together and selected our favorite moments of 2016.  We also took time to reflect on our own personal growth.  This compilation episode mostly have it’s hilarious moments, but we also show our more thought provoking side as well.

Shout outs to everyone who has listened to this podcast, from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you.  We are looking forward to making your 2017 with more laughs, entertainment, and education.  Just remember, if you’re not being yourself in 2017.  The Jig Is Up!  Tune in and enjoy.

The featured episodes in the Best of 2016:

Episode 1: Cluster

Episode 3: TLOP (The Life of Podcasting)

Episode 4: Reality Check

Episode 5: Peek-a-Boo feat. Bria

Episode 7: Strickly 4 My Geeks

Episode 10: Real Friends feat. Tha Jankiest

Episode 12: A Place for Friends

Episode 20: Ground Rules

Episode 21: Carlito’s Way feat. Big Los

Episode 22: Kevin, Jack, & Angela

Episode 24: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Episode 28: Curve Your Enthusiasm feat. Sheena

Episode 29: The Get Down of a Soul Snatcher

Episode 33: All I Want For My Birthday is #TeacherBae feat. A-Dam G

Episode 34: No Crying On The First Date feat. Sheena

Episode 35: Musical Chairs feat. David K

Episode 40: Politics As Usual



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