Episode 69: We’re About to Bonnect It


We apologize for the sound quality in advance.  Sometimes we face technical difficulties during our Safe House sessions.  It also just happened to be a somewhat poppin’ night as you may hear sounds in the background.  Once again, we apologize, and we are still thankful for you guys for rocking with us for 69 episodes.

Welcome back to the place where nothing is safe!  The crew gets together for another entertaining yet thought provoking discussion on various topics.  We started off shedding light on our first rating & review to apple podcast by starbright619.  To make things simple, here’s a breakdown of each segments:

Nothing Is Safe – Marco kicked off the show with asking R. Kelly defenders/enablers a serious question.  After that he talked about his conflicted feelings for the NFL.

Nessa Service Announcement (NSA) – Nessa talked about how she was setup for a blind date courtesy of Sheena.  Then we went off a tangent (per usual)

Hot Takes – Lavar Ball forfeiting, Kyrie Irving wants a trade, Derek Rose is now a Cavalier, and a quick tidbit of the season 2 premiere of HBO’s Insecure.

Kmart’s Awkward Corner – Well, keep listening and leave us a comment with your answer.

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