Episode 74: Don’t Go Cuffin Robo-Thots



Welcome back to the place where nothing is safe.  The crew is back for another week of various topics and discussions.  To no further ado, here’s the breakdown of each segments:

Nothing Is Safe: OB Mic Checked & Elon Musk v iRobots – Marco starts off the segment with a internet troll/rapper making a lot of people angry.  Then Elon Musk stating his concerns of autonomous weapons getting into the wrong hands.


Nessa Service Announcement (NSA): Nessa addresses the upcoming cuffing season that is upon us.


Hot Takes: Are black men are the least romantic group of men?


Kmart’s Awkward Corner: Would you rather live in a zombie apocalypse (The Walking Dead) or in Jurassic Park?  He has a couple of more questions, but you’ll have to tune in to hear them.

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