Episode 78: Immunization & Infidelity

Welcome back to the place where nothing is safe!  Marco kicks off the Nothing Is Safe segment about the hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego. Nessa revisits on what it is like to date in 2016 for men, but now it’s about dating in 2017 for women.  Then we discussed Beastmode aka Marshawn Lynch, Canelo vs GGG, and Kevin Hart’s infidelity.



One Comment

  1. Overall this was a great episode but i have a few comments on the situation between Kevin Heart and Tori heart.
    1. It is hard to look at tori now and then determine how she was as wife. Many times the situations we go through changes us. And going through a marriage were you were cheated by a struggling comic to be rewarded with a divorce before he gets big break. In the word of Kayne “and when he get on he will leave your ass for a white girl (i know his wife isnt white)”

    2. Just because it is in Kevin book doesnt make it true. All kevin would have to do is say the book is BASED OFF his life. How many movies do you see that are “base on a true story” that you fine out completely change event to make the story more entertaining. Im not saying he lied just that he didnt have to be 100% truthful in the book.
    3. As tbe saying goes there are three sides to every story mine, yours, and the truth. Kevin and his wife have one side, and Tori has another. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

    To answer the question you asked in the pod the tripple threat would be won by Pennywise. 1. Scarecrow is just a man with gas, so he could really match up with them. 2 Freddy Krueger gets his powers from bad dreams so as long as the clown doesnt a. Go to sleep, b fear him Freddy is power less.

    Ps this from my phone so i apologize if it doesnt make sense at parts.

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