Episode 80: Lofty Language Of The Media


Welcome back to the place where nothing is Safe! In this episode we discuss the mass shooting in Las Vegas, NV,  The unfortunate track record of the media giving a bias depiction of a shooter or Victim based on race, we also have Nessa’s NSA “Not Your Jumpoff” or as M-Eezi would say: “Nacho Jumpoff” regarding guys who are involved with a significant other but attempt to slide in DMs to try and set up dinner dates with other women, as well as subtle discussion on New R&B Music, The Slut Walk, Diet and Healthy Eating and so on… Enjoy the show.


The Jig Is Up Podcast would like to send our Prayers out to all the victims affected by the Las Vegas shooting and for anyone wants to donate blood or need to contact any family members who live in the Las Vegas area, you can contact and/or visit:

To contact family members call The Family Reunification Center at:


For anyone who wants to donate blood you can go to these locations:

United Blood Services:

6930 West Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117

601 Whitney Ranch Dr, Henderson, NV 89014

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