Episode 85: Corny Is The New Cool


This was one of our longer sessions in The Safe House, but with (somewhat) good reason.  The crew talks Complex Con, DM etiquette, Cuffing Season, and some other corny topics.  All you have to do is tune in and enjoy!


  1. Sorry in advance that this comment is so long, and if the wording if off a bit because i am writing this on my phone.

    Once again this was a great episode. I have so comments on a few od the topics.

    Ciara, Russell, Future
    I dont understand why so many men have a problem with how Russell Wilson interacts with baby future. 1. How many od them have grown up with a absent father and wish that someone would have played that role in their lives. Everyone complains how we need more fathers in the home then they want to get upset with a man being a father. 2. As a father i would be happy if the man my wife married cared for my kids as much as Russell appears to love baby future. 3. People are too in love with the Trap God life style that future himself does live. The funny thing is that many of these people’s favorite rappers are married themselves (jay z, snoop, fat joe, Gucci).

    While i understand hard it can be for fathers in the court, i have no sympathy for tyrees. I fully believe his post have nothing to do what he is going through with his daughter and everything to do with his need for attention and likeing the spot light. Let review Tyrees actions, 1. On social media left a comment on young jocs photo stating how he is going to save hip hop with his black Ty album, he had a falling out with TGT because he wanted more of the money/spotlight, he got upset with the rock because the rock was doing a movie that Tyrees wouldn’t be apart of. Wears a hoodie for his daughter in all of this videos that he is now selling (see his Facebook page), Lies about getting money from Will and Jada. All of these things that he is doing is just bring attention back to himself. Dont get me wrong i understand that it can be hard for men in the court system but Tyress is not one of those men.

    Once again i love the pod, cant wait to see animated stories in the future.

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