Episode 9: The Triangle Offense


You just gotta sit back and enjoy this episode. There were some moments when subjects were heavy, and then light again. It was roller coaster if you will. We don’t want to spoil anything on here, but trust us, it’s entertaining nonetheless. Well, if you’re still reading this, then we’ll give you a quick run through. We basically shared our opinions on the love triangle, broken trust, and why women are indecisive when it comes to food. Tune in!

Oh and Dan a.k.a. Jamal (@MghtyMouse18) was chillin’ in the background too

The Crew:
Marco (@yoitsmarco)IG
M-Eezi (@m_eezi)Twitter/IG
Zac (@Zmontgomery619)Twitter
Ms. Nessa (@blasian_mami1)IG
Kmart (@kmart619)IG

Sound Engineer:
Shaady G (@shaadg_scmusik)IG
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@jigisuppodcast (IG)
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