Fozzy: The Billy Grey Files

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It is a great honor to be able to interview a member of the band Fozzy.  Since 1999, they’ve been rockin’ out, sellin’ out, and taking names.  Their success has rocketed mountain-high, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.  The San Antonio created sensation has in my mind brought a fresh sound to the world of heavy metal.  Keep reading because we’ll get a rock lesson in history, style, and perhaps even a tad of good ol’ Tom Foolery.  The Jig Is Up has secured, brought to the pages of no limits, the one and only Billy Grey.  He’s the rhythm guitarist for the metal band Fozzy.


Noah: Billy Grey, wow guitar legend.  It’s great to have you here on The Jig Is Up.  So you joined Fozzy back in 2002.  You weren’t there to watch Jericho wrestle back in 1999…and be a part of the initial formation of Fozzy Osbourne.  You missed the boat but, what were you doing back in 1999?


B.G.: Great to be here and thanks for having me Noah.  Actually, I play rhythm AND lead in Fozzy as I play lots of solos on our records as well as live.  Honestly as good as Rich Ward is at leads and solos, his rhythm playing is untouchable!  In 1999 I was in a band called Method 51.  We had a record out on PC MUSIC/ Atlantic.  We used to open for Stuck Mojo which is what lead to me being in Fozzy.


Noah: So you joined Fozzy part time back in 2002, which was at the very end of their tour for Happenstance if I remember right?  How did you come about joining the band back then?


B.G.: Yes as I was saying, I knew the guys from playing with Stuck Mojo and one thing led to another so here we are today.


Noah: So, part time back in 2002; you played with them off and on, live at shows.  What was the adhesive man?  What brought you to Fozzy full time back in 2010?


B.G.: Back in the early days the band wasn’t touring as much so I started playing with different projects to stay busy.  When Chasing the Grail came out the band decided lets do it for real and 4 albums later here we are!


Noah: That was during the Chasing the Grail tour.  That has to be, to date my favorite Fozzy album.  Sound wise something evolved with that album; ironically it’s when you jumped on board.  What was the Chasing the Grail tour like for you?


B.G.:  The Chasing the Grail tour was awesome!  It led to writing together a bit on the bus for the record Sin and Bones.


Noah: Did you have a favorite song to play from the album?  And did you help write any of the songs from that album.


B.G.: I did not participate in the writing on “The Grail”. But my favorite to play is “Martyr”.


Noah:  “Wormwood”.  My favorite hands down; the jams played on the guitar, the couple of breaks in the song, the little Bible story going on.  Pretty legit.  Thoughts?


B.G.: Yes, “Wormwood” is a great piece.   O.K. yes, it’s by Mike Martin.


Noah: Have you always had a great relationship, chemistry, whatever you wanna call it with the members of Fozzy?


B.G.: Yes great Chemistry on stage and off.


Noah: Random ask Billy.  Are you a wrestling fan?  If so, who was your favorite to watch over the years?


B.G.: Not a wrestling guy at all.  But, do realize that those guys and girls are great athletes.  That being said who else but Chris is my favorite!  He kicks ass!


Noah: What’s your favorite place to play?  Location and then venue wise? 


B.G.: I prefer playing the small towns where the people are starved for music and really have a passion for great rock shows.  Example: Flyover America!


Noah: What inspires you Billy as a musician, and to continue to rock and do what you do?  I can speak from the heart when I say what you do, and how well you do it moves me, and other people and touches the freaking soul in ways nothing else can.


B.G.: Just being able to do what I do and play guitar is a blessing.  Picking up the guitar and pouring my soul out whether it be alone, in my studio, or onstage with the band is all the inspiration I need!


Noah: If it were up to you, what other band would you like to tour Fozzy with?  Give me a name that you haven’t yet had the connection with as a group.


B.G.: Metallica, Rival Sons, Stone Sour, the list goes on and on, so many great bands out there!


Noah: O.K. those were all of the easy questions.  Lol Time for the granddaddy Billy…As the lead singer, band leader, and “ayatollah-of-rocknrolla” that he is, tell me about your thoughts and opinions, and relationship with Chris Jericho.  Let it all out man; does he make it fun, and keep you guys wanting more?  Or, is there a deep secret you wish to share?  Should you be the lead singer instead of Chris?  Were you ever given the shot?  Lol


B.G.: Chris has been a great friend as well as band mate over the years.  We have shared many great experiences together and there will be many more to come…and yes there is only 1 vocalist/front-man for Fozzy and that’s Chris!


Noah: Chris Jericho has the jacket and the scarf.  That leather jacket and neck warmer freaking light up.   Style wise, what’s it all about for Grey?


B.G.: Style wise for me is more of the Rock n’ Roll street look.  I prefer the sleeveless hoodie or t shirt look on stage; that along with my platinum and black Mohawk are my trademarks. Comfort meets street.


Noah: Outside of Fozzy, what’s been the highlight of your musical career?  Is there a moment that you think about and look back on in laughter?


B.G.: The years in Method 51 were some of the best of times for me, I cut my touring teeth, met my wife, as well as meeting my Fozzy bandmates.


Noah: Billy, “Judas” is setting the world on fire.  On YouTube the track has over 9,000,000 hits…O.K. let’s get official; I see 9,009,946 freaking clicks and world changing listens!  You guys will get to 10 million easy.  It’s a great song, “Judas”.  I have someone in my life that I see the lyrics fit for personally.  So it really resonates with me.  Whose brainchild is “Judas”, and was there certain inspiration behind the track?


B.G.: If I’m not mistaking Producer/ Songwriter John Andrews, Rich and Chris.


Noah: Last I read Fozzy plans to release the entire Judas album in October.  Is that still on track (I hope)?


B.G.: Oct 13th is the release date for the new record and we can’t wait for the world to hear it.


Noah: Are there any hints or previews of any of the remaining songs you could drop on me, and The Jig Is Up readers?


B.G.: The new record is very song oriented from start to finish with lots of classic Fozzy moments as well as some experimental stuff going on as well.


Noah: Greatest piece of advice anyone ever gave you Billy?  And who gave it to you?


B.G.: Never give up on yourself and what you believe in. Who told me that?… God told me, my parents, relatives , and friends.


Noah: Favorite heavy metal/rock song other than something played by Fozzy?


B.G.: “Currently End Transmission” by Fire from the Gods, but the list goes on and on from “Unchained” by Van Halen, to “Avalanche” by BMTH, to “Who Knew” by Pink, and “September”, by Earth Wind and Fire.


Noah: Favorite metal/rock lead singer?  And if the answer is lead singer is Jericho you better be able to back that statement up.  Not that I would disagree.


B.G.: Favorite all time singer is Freddie Mercury.


Noah: At what age did you know you wanted to become a metal rocker?  And did you know then you were destined for something as big as Fozzy?


B.G.: 10.


Noah: What are the plans for Fozzy after the tour for the Judas album kicks off full swing and wraps?  Or are you guys enjoying the ride and living in the moment?


B.G.: Touring as much as possible to support the new record.


Noah: Put the thinking cap on Billy because here comes the most important question of this interview; When does Fozzy land in San Diego? Lol Can I expect to line up for tickets soon? Lol


B.G.: Should be on the west coast touring next year.


Noah: Billy Grey, rhythm guitar master with Fozzy.  I am humbled and honored my man.  Thanks for taking the time with The Jig Is Up!  Anything you wanna say in closing about the future, “Judas”, your family, a random joke, anything?


B.G.: I’m blessed to be doing what I do and the people I do it with.  And I’m blessed to have the most awesome family support in the world.  And thank you so much again Noah for having me on your show.


Noah: Bless you brother.  God has got Fozzy.  Nothing but good things are in store I’m sure.  Fozzy’s “Judas” is linked below.  Click on it, give them more momentum to hit 10 million views.  And be ready for the full album as it drops this October as their 7th full studio album. 


Originally born in L.A., Noah has been a resident of sunny San Diego since 1986. He has a love for writing that stems back to grade school. He attended Grossmont College, and received a degree of Associated Sciences for Media Communications. Noah penned a SPEC. movie script, and he has worked in the San Diego media (radio) for the last 18 years. He’s produced and hosted various radio programs; and since the format is talk radio, he says he “just likes to get it right.” With a flair for the satiric he’s even begun his own political satire podcast called “The Reagan Roundtable”. He’s a single father, lover of Dodgers baseball, E.D.M., fashion/lifestyle magazines, movies, music in general, running, and professional wrestling. And yes I said movies. If it is on the big screen, has action, is based off of a comic, or is just a gut churning horror flick you’ll see Noah at the box office.


  1. Great article! I learned a lot from the interview and am now intrigued to listen to the band more with their upcoming album.

  2. Love the new Song “judas” Love Fozzy and this article was amazing! Never tough Grey Favorite singer would be Freddie big suprise for me

  3. What a great read! As a metalhead and music lover I really enjoyed reading this article. This was informative and entertaining, Great work Noah. I can’t wait to read more like this!

  4. I can’t wait until they come to the West Coast….it will be my first Fozzy show!
    Great Article!

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