On The Road To Black Privilege

Several months ago Marco and M-Eezi attended Charlamagne’s book signing at Barnes & Nobles in Los Angeles.  As they awaited for Charlamagne’s arrival, a man with a camera was asking people about their favorite principle in the book.  His questions sparked a conversation with Marco and M-Eezi.  He shared his story of traveling to every book signing location, and he was documenting it on film.

In true networking fashion, they all exchanged social media contacts.  After the event was over, Marco and M-Eezi recorded Episode 55: Reevaluate Before You React.  And y’all if listened to that episode they did give him a shout out in the end.  Fast forward to now, the man with the camera got hired to be Charalmagne’s videographer, and now have released his documentary available on Youtube and Tidal.  Shout outs to David Darang for an opportunity that he created for himself.

Check out the video:

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