Episode 6: These Are The Tales

The crew is back just recapping the events of Marco’s (@yoitsmarco) birthday night/weekend. M-Eezi (@m_eezi) and Ms, Nessa (@blasian_mami1) share their individual stories while Kenlen a,ka, Kmart (@kmart619)steps up to the mic! Connect with us: thejigisuppodcast.com www.facebook.com/thejigisuppodcast twitter.com/jigisuppod www.instagram.com/jigisuppodcast Please… Continue Reading

Episode 2: Protein Farts (feat. Awww Zac & Ms. Nessa)

In this episode Marco (@yoitsmarco) wanted to address a couple of things that was on his mind. M-Eezi’s (@m_eezi) presence was missing, but Marco wasn’t alone because he was joined not by one, but two special guest co-host Zac (a.k.a.… Continue Reading